Which Familiar Face Mentioned Le Talbooth in The Caterer?

An old friend just mentioned Le Talbooth in his interview for The Caterer…

Find out who it is and find out their controversial views on Truffles here!

“Truffles don’t blow my mind too much – I know it’s a lovely product, but it’s a bit overrated for me. Truffle oil is horrible; I can’t stand the smell – it’s like petrol! You know when a chef has used it because you can smell the plate coming towards you…”

Long Service Dinner 2019

We celebrated our annual Long Service Awards with a special dinner in the Marquee at Le Talbooth on Sunday 28th April.

This event is held every April to celebrate the long service of the staff. All members of staff who have worked for the company for over five years are invited to the dinner; the number grows each year and in this, the 14th, year more than 90 people attended with awards ranging from five to 30 years.

Managing director Paul Milsom said: ‘The Gerald Milsom Dinner is an important date in our calendar when we hold this special party for our staff.  Long service was something that my father was passionate about and the longevity of people’s time with us meant a lot to him, in fact he could never understand why anyone would want to leave.

“In 2019, we hit a huge milestone with a combined service of all those in the room totalling 1,000 years which is quite an achievement and one that we are incredible proud of!”

After a delicious three course dinner; the award ceremony was masterminded by Michael J Fitch ably assisted by Paul Milsom with much hilarity, a lot of magic with the evening ending in the usual Milsom People way  – on the dancefloor.